League Rules

Updated Friday June 28, 2019 by Willoughby Mixed Slopitch.

2019 WMSL League Rules and Constitution

League Rules


Bunting is allowed by women only.


No base stealing.


Extra hitters are allowed but it must be a guy/girl or girl/girl combination, not guy/guy. How you start is how you finish. If you have an injury and no spares, that position becomes an automatic out. A woman may substitute for a man but not a man for a woman.


A team must have a minimum 9 players to start a game with a minimum of 3 women on the field. Any team unable to field a team 10 minutes after game time will automatically forfeit the game. If the game is started with 9 players every 10th player is an automatic out.

Pick-ups must be from within your division or from a lower division (ex. a team in B Division can pick up a player from within B/C/D Division, not A Division) agreed to by both coaches and they must play at the bottom of your roster.


NO LEAD OFFS. On a lead off call, the pitch to the batter will count. If the lead off is the third out the batter is up 1st the next inning. If there is more than one lead off, the runner on the most advanced base (e.g.: 2nd or 3rd) the runner at 3rd base only will be called out.

A single anticipation step is allowed. Any more than a single step will be an umpire’s discretion to call the player out.


With the exception of tournmanets, there are no 5 runs per inning rule in effect. There is “CATCH UP + 5” in effect. In the first inning both teams are allowed to score a maximum of 5 runs only. If after the first inning any team is down, they will be allowed to make up those runs and then score a maximum of 5 more runs. (E.g. Score is 13 to 5. The team that has 5 is up to bat. They may score 8 runs plus 5 in that inning).


MODIFIED SPN INTENTIONAL WALK RULE. If a male batter is intentionally walked and there is a female batter following him, the male batter will be awarded 2nd base and the female batter will have to go up to bat. An intentional walk is when the pitcher does not throw at least one strike to the male batter.


Natural strike zone (no mat) 


No player registered with a team in our league may be registered for any other team in our league.


Ejections and Suspensions:

  • Any player who is ejected from a game receives a one game suspension (i.e.: the player is suspended from the remainder of the current game PLUS one additional game).
  • The ejected player must immediately leave the park or risk having the game forfeited.
  • The suspension is for the team's next scheduled game.
  • The game umpire(s) may request a review of the ejection by the disciplinary committee with regard to possible further action.
  • A second ejection in one season will result in an automatic review by the disciplinary committee.
  • The disciplinary committee will be the as outlined in the WMSPL Constitution.  All Decisions by the committee regarding suspensions should be directed to the chairperson of the disciplinary committee, not the umpires or any other person.
  • All complaints regarding umpires/umpiring should be directed to league executive or the LUA "Langley Umpires Association". The disciplinary committee will hear complaints if a suitable solution cannot be found.

EJECTIONS:. Sec 1G (Page 58) – Addition: Should any team member, player, coach or scorekeeper, ejected from a game, refuse to leave the park at the requested time, and direct profanity and abuse at the umpire or SPN official, the offender(s) will receive an additional 3 game suspension, subject to a full review.


Any player bringing their own beer into the beer garden will be suspended from further play in our league. Any "team" violations of this rule should be brought to the attention of the disciplinary committee which will deal with each instance on a case by case basis. Your fans are your responsibility as well.  The decision of the disciplinary committee shall be final. 


Tie breakers: Regular season ties will stay the same. At the end of the season, the following tie breakers will be used:


1a.  Two or three teams tied - Game(s) vs. tied opponents, then go to #2


1b.  Four or more teams tied - Go to #2


2.   Runs against


3.   Runs for


4.   Coin toss


Game Day Requests must be requested in writing to the Executive Committee prior to February 22, 2019. Game re-schedules will be done if scheduling permits. If one team has to forfeit and the other team can make the game, it is a 0-7 loss for the team that has to forfeit. If both teams cannot make the game, it will result in a 7-7 tie. Rainouts will be rescheduled as they come up and only as space allows. Once a time slot is filled, rainouts will not be rescheduled. 


Replacement players for year-end tournament – the only exception will be for injury purposes. If a player has been injured in the latter part of the season and this leaves the team short for the tournament (i.e.: less than one spare) they will be permitted to replace that person with the permission of the executive committee. There will be no other exceptions permitted.    


You can NOT throw a female batter out at first base from the outfield.


There is a match +2 home-run rule for a ball that is hit over the fence on D1 and D2 Diamonds.  Diamond B is unlimited.


The jewelery rule has been removed from the SPN rule book.  Jewelery can now be worn, however it is at the players own risk and umpire discretion.


A home run is signaled by an umpire when:

  1. On D1 and D2 the batter hits the ball, without it touching the ground, over the fence in fair territory.  
    1. When a fair fly ball is deflected over the homerun fence by a defensive player, the batterbaserunner will be awarded four (4) bases. This will not be considered the same as an over the fence homerun.
  2. On Diamond B the batter hits the ball, without it touching the ground makes contact with a branch, tree, or gravel path.




A stand up triple will be awarded when:

  1. The ball is hit and it rolls past the trees/over the gravel path on Diamond B


 A player must play in at least 7 games to be eligible to play in the year-end tournament. These games include the icebreaker tournament. However, under special circumstances a player who has not been able to play a full 7 games can play if approved by the league executive.




16.1 - The metal base plates for First and Third base on Diamond B are 66 feet from home plate.  Second base is 66 feet from First and Third base.  




League Constitution








2.1 – To promote the game of slo-pitch in the Willoughby-Langley area.


2.2 – To offer organized and structured league competition in slo-pitch.


2.3 – To have its teams be members of recognized slo-pitch regulatory associations (SPN).


2.4 – To make, adopt and vary the bylaws, rules and conditions for the running of the league and to take all such steps as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for the enforcing of such bylaws, rules, and conditions.




3.1 – Membership in the league shall be open to teams as approved by the league executive.


3.2 – A team may apply to the league executive for membership in the league and on acceptance by the league executive shall be a member.


3.3 – Every member shall uphold and comply with the constitution and rules of the WMSL.


3.4 – The amount of league fees shall be determined by the league executive.


3.5 – A membership in the league shall be cancelled upon:


3.5.1 – Failure to have at least one team member in attendance at the league meetings.

3.5.2 – Being expelled from the league.

3.5.3 – Delivery of a written resignation to the league executive.


3.6 – A member or a team may be expelled by resolution of the league executive passed at any league executive meeting.


3.6.1 – The member or team has the right to an opportunity to be heard at the meeting should they be present, otherwise the expelled member or team has the right to one appeal hearing before the appeal board.


3.7 – Any persons suspended or expelled shall have the right to one appeal in writing within seven calendar days from the date of suspension.


3.8 – Appeals of discipline, suspension and expulsions will be heard by an appeal committee consisting of three (3). The league president or their appointee will act as appeal committee chairperson. The league executive shall appoint one member (other than the executive) and the appealing party shall appoint one team representative other than their own team’s representative to the appeal committee. All appointed shall be from the division under question. The committee’s decision is final.


3.9 – All members are in good standing except a member who has failed to pay their current league fees or any other debt due and owing by them to the league and they are not in good standing so long as the debt remains unpaid.


3.10 – All new teams will be on one year probation.


3.11 – Split teams and no room for expansion. A team consists of the person or persons who originally applied for a spot in the league and are accepted as such. In the event that a team splits and there is no room for expansion the league will recognize:


3.11.1 – The coach, if he/she is the originator of the team (e.g. the coach gets the spot in the league and invites players to play for them).

3.11.2 – The team members themselves if they are originators of the team (e.g. the organized team invites a new coach to join them.)

3.11.3 – In the event of a 50/50 split of the originators of the team, one representative from each team in the league will have a vote to decide who has the spot.




4.1 – The management of the league is by the LEAGUE EXECUTIVE.


4.2 – Any executive member may, by notice in writing, resign at any time and that executive member’s office shall become vacant upon the next meeting. The president, with the executive’s approval, appoints an interim member to the vacant office until the next annual general meeting.


4.3 – Any executive member can be removed from office by resolution at any league meeting with a 50% + 1 vote.




5.1 – The executive shall have the power to control the affairs of the league and may exercise all such acts and things as the league may exercise and do, and which are not by this constitution or by stature otherwise lawfully directed or required to be exercised or done the league in meeting, but subject, nevertheless, to the provisions of:


5.1.1 – All laws affecting the league.

5.1.2 – Rules, not being inconsistent with this constitution, which are made from time to time by the league in meetings.


5.2 – The executive shall have the power to make rules and regulations governing players, age limits, schedules, playoffs, league tournaments, umpires and other relevant and incidental matters necessary to the operation of the league.


5.3 – The business of the league shall be managed by the executive, who pay all expenses incurred in setting up and running the league and may exercise all such powers of the league. The executive is not held personally responsible for financial and/or personal losses incurred by the league.




6.1 – The league president, or in their absence the vice-president, or in the absence of both, some member of the league executive, shall preside at all meetings of the league and league executive.


6.2 – All teams must have at least one member attend all coaches meetings.


6.3 – The executive shall contact all teams to inform them of the date of each coaches meeting with a minimum of 2 (two) weeks advance notice.


6.4 – The annual general meeting must be held no later than the first week of March annually.


6.5 – A quorum (50% + 1) at any meeting shall be a majority of members in good standing attending the meeting. Each member shall have one (1) vote at meetings.


6.6 – If when the meeting is called to order there is not a quorum present, the meeting shall be adjourned until a quorum is reached or thirty (30) minutes has passed, at which time the number of members in good standing present shall be considered a quorum.


6.7 – In case if an equality of votes, the league president will cast the deciding vote.


-    Voting is by show of hands or poll by team as chosen by the league president.




7.1 – All fees shall be determined by the executive in such amounts as the executive deems necessary for the continued operation of the league.


7.2 – Each team will be required to post a minimum $150 non-interest bearing performance (refundable) bond. The executive has the right to increase fines on any team required to post a higher bond.   


7.3 – Bonds will be held to carry over to the following year. A team leaving the league shall be refunded what is left in their bond. Any team required to pay extra bond will be refunded excess to regular bond at the end of the season.




8.1 – All teams must post a non-interest bearing $150 performance bond with their team registration on or before April 7th. The league executive will notify all teams as to the exact date.   


8.2 – League fines will be taken from performance bonds.


8.3 – Performance bonds shall be forfeited to the league for:


8.3.1 – Failure to complete league obligation of participation.

8.3.2 – Payment of fines assessed by the league.

8.3.3 – Payment of special assessments as approved by the league executive.





9.1 – Automatic penalties shall be levied for:


9.1.1 – The third game forfeited will result in team ejection from the league.

9.1.2 – Failure to complete a game due to player ejection ($25).

9.1.3 – Late payment of league fees, performance bonds, and assessments ($50) per week, late assessed the day after due date to a maximum 4 weeks, after which results in expulsion from the league.   

9.1.4 – Cheques returned by the bank will be subject to a $50 charge with etransfer or certified cheque to follow.

9.1.5 – Failure to hand in SPN and league rosters by due date ($75) per item.   

9.2 – There is no appeal for fines covered in the above.

9.3 – Fines to a maximum of $250 may be assessed by the league executive or appeal committee as part of a disciplinary action against any team or player. This does not limit the league executive from assessing any team or player for damage to or loss of property used or owned by the league.   

9.4 - Home team is responsible for putting equipment away if it is the last game of the night.  Failure to put all equipment away will result in a $75 fine.




10.1 – The league president, with agreement from the executive, shall have full powers to decide all discipline levels up to and including league expulsion and fines to a maximum of $250. Each incident shall be taken on its own merit and past practice need not apply.   


10.2 – The purpose of discipline is to correct behavior, not punish. It must also protect the league members from repercussions due to the actions of an individual and/or group of people.


10.3 – The following actions must be considered serious violations of the rules and discipline must indicate this seriousness:


10.3.1 – Fighting or threatening actions, including verbal.


10.3.2 – Damaging public, private, or league property.


10.3.3 – Intentional or continual dangerous play.   

10.3.4 – Use of alcohol in unauthorized areas.

10.3.5 – Failure to correct inappropriate behavior.

10.3.6 – Abusive actions directed towards league executives and/or officials.

10.4 – Persons must serve game suspensions immediately after executive notification (verbal or written).

NOTE: league executives are players and volunteers. Abuse directed at these persons will not be tolerated. If you have a problem wait until all the games have been played that day. Any official complaint should be given in writing to the league president.




11.1 – Coaches, managers or team representatives may appeal in writing to the league executive. All such appeals must be accompanied by a certified cheque or cash for $100. This money will be returned if the appeal is found to be in favor of the appealing party.   


11.2 – Protests will be handled as outlined in the operation rules of SPN.




12.1 – All players, coaches, managers, and team personnel must be registered with the league and SPN.


12.2 – Rosters to be in by league start date. Additions or deletions may follow, due no later than May 18th, 2019. SPN registration must be in prior to league starting for insurance purposes. Any player that has not signed the waiver is not an eligible player and will be removed from the game.  In the event of an illegal player protest, the player under protest must produce picture ID to a member of the league executive. 


12.3 – A player may be registered and/or play for only one (1) team within our league at one time.




13.1 – The league will be structured in the manner of SPN classifications. The league executive will have the final decision.


13.2 – You have to register with SPN in whatever classification your team chooses.




14.1 – In the event of dissolution of the league the assets of the league shall be split equally among its current team representatives excluding any team on probation.


14.2 – Dissolution shall require the unanimous vote of the league executive. This condition shall be unalterable.




15.1 – Amendments to the constitution shall be made by recommendations only from the team representatives or from the executive and will be reviewed by the league executive.