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Updated Thursday February 14, 2013 by Willoughby Mixed Slopitch League.

Photo's can be uploaded here.  Please enter your email address and then select the photo you want to upload.  Multiple photos can be uploaded.  Click Upload File and then add your photo.  Repeat this process for each photo you wish to upload.


You MAY NOT upload any image which violates ANY copyright law, international or otherwise, nor may you upload an image or images which depicts pornography, or any material deemed illegal by governing authorities.
Willougby Mixed Slo-Pitch and the owner(s) thereof expressly reserves the right to delete, without warning or notice, any image deemed to be offensive or in violation of the above text, or any image or text which the owner(s) find offensive.  If you wish to have a photo removed please contact the website administrator with a description of the photo to be removed.
When uploading you agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of Willougby Mixed Slo-Pitch have the right to remove, edit, move or delete any content at any time should they see fit.